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With a background in growing start-ups and turning Stampworthy from an idea to a full time profitable gig in 7 months, I want to help others find the fun (and money!) in their ventures as well. My services are not for the hobbiests, but for those that want to be full time business ladies and gents. First initial consult (up to 45 minutes) is on me so we can figure out what you need to tackle next.

If we swipe right on each other, we’ll dive deep into….

  • Finding what products or services to focus on

  • Increasing profitability so you’re not spinning your wheels

  • Understanding your business cash money

  • Implementing models to understand trends so you are equipped to make the best decisions for your business

  • Insight into tools and processes to make your business more efficient

  • How to price your products/services and if you need to ditch any

  • Time management and knowing what and how to say “no”

  • Resources for taxes because taxin’ ain’t easy

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Rates are $100 per hour.

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