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Flights to Oaxaca, Mexico (OAX)

If you’re flying from a major airport, you’ll likely connect once through Mexico City to get to Oaxaca (OAX).

PRO TIP: If you want to make a bigger trip of it and see CDMX, you can search for a “multi-city” flight itinerary and add Mexico City as a stop on the way there or back for the same or similar price (insert giddy scream here)!

Austinites: There are great deals out of San Antonio and Houston too.

From the Oaxaca Aiport

Taxis are a safe and easy way to get to and from the airport. Once you exit baggage claim, there is a taxi area that you can provide your hotel address to.

If you arrive late or prefer a pre-planned transfer, most lodging options below can assist with arranging a transfer. La Villada Inn is an exception to that, in which case you can use Viator to book and prepay a transfer.

where to sleep



Convivio ($$)

Convivio, in the heart of Oaxaca is a hub for creatives with its combo of a quaint bnb and co-working space for the longer term nomad. This is where the Maker’s Meal will take place on Sunday, February 17th, so if you’re looking for a lazy roll up to your bed after an amazing meal, this is the place. Rooms are limited, so book soon for this one! (Book here or on Airbnb)

Casa de la Tía Tere

Casa de la Tía Tere

Casa de la Tía Tere ($$)

Named after the owner’s (Jorge) beloved auntie, Casa de la Tía Tere is a lush oasis in the midst of a bustling colonial town. The rooms and breakfast are typical of a Oaxacan experience, so if you’re looking for the real deal, this is a central, authentic (and affordable!) spot. Bonus points for a pool and plants galore that make you feel like you’re no where near a city. (Book here)

Casa Oaxaca

Casa Oaxaca

Casa Oaxaca ($$$)

You can’t get more central than Casa Oaxaca! This boutique hotel in an 18th century building is famed for its rooftop patio, incredible brunch, and amazing views of the Oaxaca Cathedral. (Book here).

La Villada Inn

La Villada Inn

La Villada Inn ($)

For the traveler that loves scenery, this will give you amazing breakfast views and all the feels when looking out on the mountains. If you are looking for a city escape (about 15 min from city center), are all about that hammock life, and don’t mind the cab rides in (they help you arrange them!), this is the spot. Speaking Spanish is a big plus here (can be booked via Hostel World).

travel insurance


Travel Insurance

I know, I know- the least exciting thing your’e reading on this page, but I promise, it’s not a bad idea.

Take it from an amiga that’s had lost luggage, been stuck in Miami for 5 days from Hurricane Sandy, and had a whopping $3,000 AUD bill that made being 22 way less sexy than Taylor Swift sang about.

It’s cheap, it will save you in the unexpected, and your mom will be so happy.

Nomad Travel Insurance is a great option for most trip styles and ages.

For traveler under 31 years old (or the extreme traveler), STA Travel has some serious hook ups ($199 for a full year!).

Can’t find the flight, hotel, travel insurance you’re hoping for? Email Allie at for help.

More tips and details to come!